Large Black Forest Style Carved Red Stag Head
Large Black Forest Style Carved Red Stag Head Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $2,450.00
Shipping Weight: 45.00 pounds

Elen Hunting and Importing Inc. Red Stag Antlers, Fallow Deer antlers, Moose antlers and Roe deer antlers, sheds and Craft Antlers & skull mounts. We also carry antler furniture, antler tables antler chairs, antler chandeliers, antler lighting, antler products, stag antler cutlery, custom carved taxidermy panels, Muela Knives and much more.

This contemporary Black Forest stag head is completely hand carved. The genuine true trophy sized Red Stag antlers have been mounted with detachable square pins for easier and safer transportation. This piece is not carved from a solid block of wood but from laminated pieces of hardwood.

Wooden deerheads were popular in the early days of taxidermy due to the poor methods of preserving the actual skins plus it was considered bad luck to have the real skull or hide hanging in ones home or castle. This is what made the concept of wooden heads so popular among the aristocracy of old Europe. The dimensions are approximately 53" tall x 30" wide x 20" deep.

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