Muela Africa Series 150/pc Ltd Edition Silver & Gold knife "CAPE BUFFALO" (Special Order)
Muela Africa Series 150/pc Ltd Edition Silver & Gold knife Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $2,595.00
Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds


CAPE BUFFALO: 16 1/2” long  with a 9 1/2” blade

 The Cape Buffalo, also called the buffalo of El Cabo is the species paid homage to by this Muela knife.  This buffalo inhabits vast regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, especially the eastern area of the continent.  It is a species of considerable size and weight (it can weigh up to 900 kilos) making it an animal to fear, which has few predators. One of its greatest threats is man.  The Muela Buffalo from the African Series has a double-edged blade, with a lanceolate profile and sharpened at three levels, the guard of which displays a beautiful herd of buffalo.  The sheath of this piece is made from leather and comes with additional features in Nile crocodile skin.


  Maasai shield engraved on a gold piece inserted into Muela knife guard

These five Muela knives are produced using materials of a very high quality.  The blades are made from chromium vanadium alloy steel (steel which Muela has been using for many years in all its knives due to its quality and resistance).  All the blades display an engraving of the corresponding animal on the front, whilst the knife's series and symbol is displayed on the back.  The handles are made from Red Stag Antler recalling the hunting world outside from the continent), the rosettes of which are adorned with a piece of sterling silver engraved with a silhouette of Africa.  The guards made from sterling silver by Cordovan craftsmen recreate the figures of the animal which the knife represents.  They also incorporate two miniatures made from gold, one of which displays a shield and the other the series number of the knife.

All these knives come with luxury presentation: leather sheath decorated with skins of different animals; wooden box with engraved texts on the lid relating to the series, limited edition and model of knife (texts in English as these models go on sale internationally); in addition each knife comes with a print also in limited edition and numbered, which is signed by the artist.  As well as all this, Muela wants to reward its buyers by raffling original prints by Enrique Lacuesta to everyone who submits the corresponding purchase form to the Muela factory.  To give you a more detailed idea of these luxury knives we will give you a brief description of each of them.

Muela's intention has been to delve even further into the art knife making art by creating the so-called "Muela Big Five", in limited edition with each model of the 150 units numbered.  These knives boast an impressive design which evokes five of the most powerful animal species on the African continent: the buffalo, the elephant, the lion, the leopard and the rhinoceros.  The blades of these knives display a laser engraving created and designed by the artist Enrique Lacuesta, a lover of hunting who has been able to witness these majestic animals live and in the flesh.


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