1911 Mammoth Ivory Grips {SOLD OUT!}
1911 Mammoth Ivory Grips {SOLD OUT!} Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $425.00
Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds

Set # Desired:
#94 SOLD!
  W/Ambi-Safety $10.00


Made from genuine fossilized Wooly Mammoth Ivory from Alaska and Siberia! Blue Mammoth and Black Ivoryare the rarest colors to find! We have madepremium 1911 grips from selected pieces with specatacular color and grain.

*** Please note, bark mammoth ivory is not like elephant ivory! There is natural contouring in the ivory itself, like on stag, that is not considered a flaw or defect. We leave the ivory as is and do not strive to polish every nook and crannie! Our main goal is the maximum amount of color coverage and match.***

Please contact us with any questions
by email: elenhunting1@comcast.net or toll-free at 1-800-319-9145

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