Mounted Boar Tusks #6 {FREE SHIPPING}
Mounted Boar Tusks #6 {FREE SHIPPING} Quantity in Basket: None
Code: MBT105
Price: $425.00

Elen Hunting and Importing Inc. Arranging Hunting and photo safaris into Bulgaria plus we offer Red Stag Antlers, Fallow Deer antlers, Moose antlers and Roe deer antler shed along with big game trophies. We also carry custom carved taxidermy panels, Muela Knives and much more.

This is a mounted set of large trophy Boar tusks mounted on one of our hand carved Black Forest style chestnut display panels. The tusks measure 6 - 9 inches long  and are a very prized trophy in Europe. The panel is a true work of art measureing 12"x12"x2.5". It is completely hand carved and very detailed with Oak leaves, acorns and very deep relief carvings. The tusks are filled with epoxy and coated with Poly-Urethane to prevent cracking

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