Podenquero Series 2
Podenquero Series 2 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: PS2
Price: $315.00
Shipping Weight: 7.00 pounds

(1) Podenquero- M $355.00
(2) Podenquero-A $315.00

Elen Hunting and Importing brings you the finest in Spanish sporting cutlery from Muela Knives. Hunting knives collecting knives deer antler knives

 The handles on the S series knives are all made from Genuine Red Stag Antler and the blades are all made from Moly-Vanadium stainless steel. Each knife comes with a beautiful hand made leather sheath. 

(1) Podenquero- M / Total length 15 3/4" long with a 10 3/4" full tang blade.

(2) Podenquero-S / Total length 15 3/4" long with a 10 3/4" blade.

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