Standard Grade Colt SAA and Ruger S/A Sambar Stag SAA Grips (Out-of-Stock!)
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Elen Hunting and Importing Inc. Arranging Hunting and photo safaris into Bulgaria plus we offer Red Stag Antlers, Fallow Deer antlers, Moose antlers and Roe deer antler shed along with big game trophies. We also carry custom carved taxidermy panels, Muela Knives and much more.

These pistol grips are made from our own select grade Red Stag antler! We custom make each pair and can provide grips for Rugers, Colt's and many others! Please fill in your firearm model and type! For ALL Colt S/A's we may require your grip frame itself, only the grip frame, to guarantee a super fit! We can provide detailed instructions on how to remove your Colt grip frame if you are not certain how to do this! We can also make them without the gripframe/backstrap and make them oversized to be fit by you or your own gunsmith / gripmaker. The price is the same for fitted or unfitted grips!

Grips are custom cut and made to order and are non-refundable, however; we guarantee the fit and will repair or replace grips that have fit issues! !

Please contact us with any questions! You may call us at 973-379-5296 or email us at

Thank you!